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Year 6

Monday 21st September 2020


Today we are starting our next unit: Four operations.

Watch the video below on addition/ subtraction and using inverse operations.

Complete the questions below to practise these skills:



Research the famous African-American baseball player Jackie Robinson. Why was he so famous and what made him special? Plan a first-person account of his first baseball game for the Brooklyn Dodgers team. Use the powerpoint below to help you.


Creative curriculum - History


Today we are continuing to learn about the Blitz and locate and identify cities and ports across the UK that were bombed during WW2. Can you use to powerpoint to help you locate cities that were bombed and find out which were more heavily bombed than others?


Friday 18th September 2020



Complete the white rose maths end of unit check on place value:



Look back at your planning notes from yesterday and recap explorer Matthew Henson’s expedition to the Arctic. Write a diary entry in role as Matthew Henson to your family or friends detailing your experiences during your voyage.




Carry out a 5 minute warm up session to ensure all your muscles are ready and your heart is beating a bit faster. Remember to stretch your muscles ready for exercise. Today’s PE lesson is gymnastics. What type of fitness do you think is needed for this? Using your body, experiment with a range of shapes you can make (e.g. sitting, lying, standing, support). Explore ways of linking different types of shapes. For example, moving from a sitting shape to a support shape or from a lying shape to a standing shape. Can you now practice using different jumps? Try a ¾ turn and a full rotation. Create a short sequence using your body to make different shapes and turns. Remember to cool down carefully afterwards and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Thursday 17th September 2020



Complete the power maths end of unit check on place value below.



Read the information from the powerpoint below about explorers focusing on Matthew Henson. Conduct research online to find out why he was famous as an explorer and about his expedition to the Arctic. Plan a diary entry from his perspective that and make notes on what he might write to this family or friends during his expedition.



Creative curriculum - History

Read the powerpoint below carefully and watch the video links to learn about the Blitz during 1940. Create a safety guide to inform people how to keep safe during the Blitz.

Wednesday 16th September 2020




Watch the video clip below on negative numbers. Complete the worksheet attached to practise using negative numbers in context.



Use the powerpoint below to remind yourself about the singer, songwriter Stormzy and then write your diary from his viewpoint.


Read the powerpoint below carefully to learn about those who are homeless and the impact that COVID-19 has had on them. Reflect on and answer the questions within the powerpoint.

Tuesday 15th September 2020



We are learning to round numbers. Watch the video clip and complete the worksheet below to practise rounding any number.




Use the powerpoint below to help you plan a diary entry from the viewpoint of the singer Stormzy.

Creative Curriculum - History


As part of our 'A child's war' theme today we are learning about Anne Frank. Read her story below and the timeline cards of her life. Use these to help you create a comic strip about her experiences.