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Year 3

Thursday 17th September


Video link:

Worksheet link:

English: listen to the story up to 3 minutes and 22 seconds.


Look at the page above. How might Katherine be feeling at this moment? What might the other women be thinking?

Can you write speech bubbles to show what the woman may say to Katherine and a thought bubble to shop how Katherine might feel at the moment?


Challenge: can you use any of the contractions in your bubbles?



Watch the short video above. Can you make a mind map of everything you know about light? Think about what it says in the video and think about what helps us to see.


With someone at home can you play the want's in the bag game? Find some interesting or unusual items from around the house and hide them in a dark bag. Without light shining into the bag it’s hard to see the item, can you feel inside and try to guess what the different items area?

After you have felt each item see if you were right. Which helps us to identify object more our touch or sight?

Wednesday 16th September


Level 1:


Level 2:



Can you use my WAGOLL to write a letter to apply for your dream job? Remember to use the following conjunctions: and, but, because, since, if, so.


Theme: Spanish

Tuesday 15th September


Video link:


Review your diary entry from yesterday. Have you:

  • Used conjunctions to join your sentences such as when, if, because
  • Described the character’s feelings
  • Used correct punctuation
  • Used evidence from the text to support your ideas

Review your writing and improve it using the criteria above.

Twist: If you feel your diary entry meets the criteria above can you write diary entry from Katherine’s point of view when she discovers she cannot go to high school.



Using the information below can you create a graph to show how far parents in our class travel to work.

Job title



Civilian police officer


14 miles

Payroll officer


2 miles

Midday supervisor


3 miles

Mental health worker

West Kirby

10 miles

Sales executive



Royal air force





12 miles

Pub owner

Little Sutton

3 miles


Create a bar chart to show how far people travel to work.


Monday 14th September


Video link:

Worksheet link:


English: listen to the story up to 1min and 20 seconds


Think about what Katherine’s dad must be thinking and feeling. Use my WAGOLL plan to write a diary entry writing as Katherine’s father. Use evidence form the text to support your ideas.


With adult supervision, research the work of Banksy the famous street artist.

Now look at some examples of the street art in New Brighton.

Using paint/chalk paint can you have a go at making a stencil like Banksy and create your own street art in the garden of your home.

Friday 11th September


Video link:

Worksheet link:



Listen up to page 12 of our class book Counting on Katherine. 

Big Question – What does Katherine’s father mean when he says “You can count on me”?

Complete the sentence starters:

I think Katherine’s father means…

Someone who is important to me is … because …

Please read a book on Bug Club and answer all of the comprehension questions as we are having a reading assessment in school.



What is a community? Can you match the communities to their description?



Using the pictures, you took yesterday of interesting patterns, shapes and shadows, can you create a picture collage of any type. Once you have chosen you best pictures think about what photography techniques you have used.  

Can you edit your pictures to include a black and white and colour picture?

Have you used different angles? From above? Below?



Thursday 10th September


Video link:

Worksheet link:



Listen up to page 8 of our class book Counting on Katherine.  

Can you use the things we found out about our character Katherine yesterday to write a character description?

What did we find out?

She loved to count.
She was very bright.
She skipped three years of school.
She loved to imagine what was in space.
She had a brother
She wasn’t allowed to go to the local high school.

Model how to turn some of the facts into sentences, linking phrases with conjunctions focus on ‘and’.  Also emphasise the use of expanded noun phrases and the use of the past tense.

Katherine Johnson skipped three years of school because she was so bright. Her knowledge and interest in the universe fired her imagination so she wanted to learn as much as possible. She burned with fury when she discovered she couldn’t go to high school.

Continue the description of Katherine. Ensure that conjunctions and the past tense are used.



Using a ball practise your throwing and catching skills. Then have a go at using these skills to pass the ball to another person. Finally, can you weave and dodge between other people?



Topic: The Bible

What does the word sacred mean? Can you find out?

When you know the meaning of the word sacred can you find five synonyms? A synonym is a word that means the same e.g.

Happy – cheerful

Wednesday 9th September


Use the link below to watch the video numbers to 1000.



Listen up to page 8 of our class book Counting on Katherine.  

In the book it says ‘Katherine’s high school didn’t admit black students of any age.’

  • How does this make you feel?
  • Is this right?
  • Would this happen now?

Think about everything we learn about our main character.

What sort of person is she?

What is she interested in?

Complete the role on the wall activity below.

OUTSIDE Katherine: What do we know about Katherine?

INSIDE Katherine: What is she like as a person? What evidence do we have from the text?




Today we are thinking about photography. Look at these photos and think about what is similar and what is different?


Did you notice these different things?


Can you look for interesting things to take photograph of? Can you take pictures from above? Below? From the side? From different distances?