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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page.  This is where we will keep you up to date with the work and activities you are expected to complete while school is closed.


Remember - we will communicate with parents via Class Dojo on a daily basis.

4th April 2020

Spring Break

Now we have reached the Spring Break, we think everyone needs a well deserved rest (teachers, pupils and parents !!), therefore we will not be setting daily tasks on the website. However, we will set a project to complete over the two week holiday as we normally do. As with any holiday period we still expect children to access online learning at home (for help with logins etc check the info page by clicking here). Teachers will not be checking who is going on this daily but will check at the end of the two week holiday.

Please feel free to still add photographs and videos to Tapestry/Dojos as the staff would love to see what the children are getting up to and we know the home school link is now more important than ever. Staff won't be responding to these but will add them to the children's online portfolio.

Daily tasks will resume on the website on 20th April.

Mrs O'Neil Edwards will also be adding a headteacher's challenge to the website for children to work on over the two week holiday.

Have a wonderful Easter, be kind and stay safe. πŸ£πŸŒˆπŸ’–

Friday 3rd April

Maths Task:

Please complete Week 2 Lesson 4 – Non Unit Fractions

Please make sure you have completed all of week 1, week 2 lessons 1 - 3 first, as work is progressive.

Don’t forget to watch the video to help you!


SPAG Task:


Play the ADD game to practise adding -ing:

Write these words onto some cards:


Remember the three rules of what we have to do to the verb when adding -ing:


1. Nothing

2. Double the final consonant

3. Drop the e


Video link with examples:


Your child will need a pen, paper and a larger piece of paper with three columns labelled as above – nothing, double the final consonant, drop the e. S/he takes one card from the pile, decides which column the word belongs in and tries the word on his/her paper. S/he puts the word in the column they think is correct. Which column fills up first?


Outdoor Task:

Can you compete in a family egg and spoon race? Who will be the winner? If you don’t have eggs or would rather use something less messy you could use stones, pebbles, balls or anything else you can think of.

I can’t wait to see these pictures and videos! J


Thursday 2nd April

Maths Task:

Please complete Week 2 Lesson 3 – Unit Fractions

Please make sure you have completed all of week 1, week 2 lessons 1 and 2 first, as work is progressive.

Don’t forget to watch the video to help you!

Writing task:



Creative Task - Easter cooking:

Choose a recipe from one of the links below depending on what ingredients you have at home and have fun! Feel free to use your own recipe or another you find.


Easter biscuits:


Easter nests:


Lots of different ideas:


Don’t forget your daily online tasks on Nessy, Numbots, TTRS and Bug Club.

Wednesday 1st April

Maths Task:

Please complete Week 2 Lesson 2 – Find a Third

Please make sure you have completed all of week 1 lessons first, as work is progressive.

SPAG Task:

Use these cards to play past tense dominoes.




Challenge: What do you notice? What spelling rules can you spot? Can you sort your matching pairs following these rules? For example, in some words we do nothing when we add the suffix ‘ed’ e.g. touch – touched.

What do you notice about these words?

  • Shop – shopped
  • Try – tried
  • Like – liked

Creative Task:

The Easter Bunny isn’t far away can you create your own Easter egg using a weaving technique? Instructions and resources can be found on the link below. If you don’t have coloured paper at home, why not colour in/paint some white paper. Can you add even more details to your Easter egg when you have finished weaving?




Tuesday 31st March

Maths Task:

Please complete Week 2 Lesson 1 – Recognise a Third

Please make sure you have completed all of week 1 lessons first, as work is progressive.

Don’t forget to watch the video to help you!


Writing Task:



Well-being Task:

Can you complete a cosmic yoga dinosaur class? Post pictures or videos on your portfolios. Bonus Dojos if you can get the whole family involved!

A simple yoga class for beginners – 5 Minutes long J

A harder version, who is up for the challenge? 20 minutes long J


Don't forget to log on to TTRS, Numbots, Nessy and Bug Club 

Monday 30th March

Maths Task:

Please complete lesson 5 – Find a Quarter

Please do not complete lesson 5 unless you have completed lessons 1-4 as work is progressive.

Don’t forget to watch the useful video to help you!


SPAG Task:

Read the poem below and rewrite it, changing the present tense to the past tense (from ‘today’ to ‘yesterday’)

Remember to think about the suffix ‘ed’




It hops and wobbles

Over rocks and stones.

It whimpers and whispers

And softly moans.

In darkness it glows

Like the moon in the sky.

What is it, this form, this creature,

this mess?

I try and I try to look at it’s face.

I laugh and cry, I’ve got it!

Can you guess?

It’s a poor alien from outer space!


Challenge: Can you add in another clue to describe what the alien does or looks like in the past tense? - Extra 5 Dojos.


Creative Task:

Now that you have designed and made your own dinosaur can you make a fossil to show what it’s footprints might have been like? You could use play-dough, salt dough or modelling material to create your fossil or you could even go out into the garden and make your fossil by making imprints in the soil or sand. If you have any toy dinosaurs, you could also use these to make a fossil.

5 Dojo bonus for anyone who can answer my question:


Who can remember what type of fossil a footprint is?








Friday 27th March

Maths Task:

Please complete lesson 4 – Recognise a quarter 

Please do not complete lesson 4 unless you have completed previous lessons as work is progressive.


Don’t forget to watch the video first to help you.


Writing Task:

Write an acrostic poem linked to our dinosaur topic!  Can you include key facts about dinosaurs and some amazing adjectives?





Spoken Language Task:

Send a message to your Y2 friends! We understand you must be missing your friends whilst at home, so let’s send them a message! You can either record a video post or take a picture of you holding a message on paper. I will share these posts for everybody in Y2 to see J


Thursday 26th March

Maths Task:

Please complete lesson 3 – Find a Half

Please do not complete lesson 3 unless you have completed lessons 1 and 2 as the work set is progressive.


Writing Task:


Creative Task:

Can you use ‘junk’ from around the house to create your new dinosaur? Your junk model dinosaur might include toilet rolls, egg boxes, milk bottles, cereal boxes or anything you have around the house. Here are some examples:




Remember to post your work on your Dojo portfolios and keep an eye on our class story for mine!

Wednesday 25th March

Maths Task:

Please complete lesson 2 – Recognise a Half

Please do not complete this lesson unless you have completed lesson 1 – Make Equal Parts.


Writing Task:

Year 2 have been learning all about dinosaurs!  Can you create your very own dinosaur?

Draw your dinosaur, name your dinosaur and label it using some amazing adjectives! Can you describe what it looks like? Can you explain what they eat - Is your dinosaur a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? Can you remember what these terms mean?



Spelling Task:

Online tricky word spelling game! Select Year 2 and practise making as many of the Y2 tricky words as possible!


Outdoor task:

Create your own obstacle course!

Can you use any household/ outdoor objects to create your very own obstacle course for yourself and your family members? How challenging can you make it? Remember to upload pictures and videos on Class Dojo portfolios. 





Tuesday 24th March

Maths Update:

As the messages said yesterday, please do not use the Power Maths books, put them somewhere safe in your house and keep them there until the schools re-open.


White Rose Hub are a team of teachers and mathematicians who have for a number of years been supporting schools with planning, lesson ideas and resources of a very high standard.


They have just released a website to support all those children who are affected by the school closures with a daily lesson which includes:

  • A short 'teaching' video to watch first which explains the daily topic.
  • A number of activities to practice this skill and a few to challenge you further.
  • The answers for these activities which also shows how they worked out these answers.

These lessons are released every Monday and are organised by Year group (from Foundation Stage through to Year 6)


If you don't have printer at home, just use whatever paper you have and write the question out yourself.  Remember, it's all about having a go and doing your best, don't worry if you get stuck and don't give up because as each day goes by they will be going over the same topic / skill and you will get there πŸ‘πŸ».


You do not need a login or password, just click here or visit (


They did struggle yesterday due to the number of visitors to their site and have been working through the night to increase their capacity but if it isn't working just leave it for a while and try later.

Tuesday 24th March

Writing Task:


Spelling Task:

Investigate the past tense.

Discuss what the ‘past tense’ means using the words ‘today’ and ‘yesterday.’ E.g. Today I play in the garden, yesterday I played in the garden. Today I walk to school, yesterday I walked to school.

Use a book that your child enjoys and find some examples of the past tense where -ed is added. You might find that some of these words sound as though they end with just -d or even -id or -t, but your child can be reminded that these words tell us about something that happened yesterday, so they end with -ed.

Outdoor Learning Task:

Can you use natural items from your garden to create an Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece of land art?



Don't forget to upload pictures/work on your Class Dojo portfolio. 



Monday 23rd March 

Writing Task:

Think of a new and exciting game that you and your family could play inside or in the garden. Think about games you may have played together in the past, can you use it as inspiration to create a new game? 

Suggestions: obstacle course, hopping race, hoopla with Cheerios and a straw or basketball with coloured balls and each colour is worth certain points. 

When you have thought of a new game, give it a name and write a set of instructions of how to play. When you have done this upload a picture on Class Dojo and we can all play these games at home with our own families. It would be lovely to see people playing these games over the next few weeks. 


Remember instructions need:

  • A title
  • A what you will need section
  • Bossy verbs
  • Time conjunctions
  • Diagrams 
  • Bullet points and numbers


Outdoor Learning Task:

Go outside into your garden and look for signs of Spring. Whilst outside, can you make a list or draw a labelled picture of the signs you notice. Remember what we looked for together on our Winter and Autumn walks in school. 

Creative Task:

You may have seen the # fill your windows with rainbows this week, which is a game children are playing as they go outside to exercise/have a walk in their street or near their home. It would be lovely if you created a rainbow poster to display in your house for other children to spot. You can use paint, coloured pencils, felts anything you have at home you may even want to write a little message. 

For some examples or to read more about it here:


21st March 2020


With schools closed and us all having stay apart to keep each other safe, Audible have created an  amazing resource to help make things a little easier.  They have made hundreds of audiobooks completely free (no accounts or passwords needed!) Just click here to stream and listen (or visit  All their stories will stream on desktop computers, laptops, phones or tablets.


The books are sorted by age group with sections just for primary school children.  This is a great way to break up your day, take a break from a screen, just sit back and enjoy having a book read to you.

20th March 2020

Active Teach:

In school we use 'Active Teach' to promote keeping fit whilst learning.  Active Teach have provided ALL their resources for free during the current school closure.  Use the link here to access their activities and keep yourself active while you are at home.



Now that schools have had to close, Nessy have also extended their spelling and writing software to ALL our children.  We have used Nessy in school for many years to support a small number of children and it is proven to support reading and spelling so please make the most of this fantastic resource.  Nessy works best if it is used for about 20 minutes every day rather than longer less-frequent spells.

  • Click here to access Nessy.
  • The secret work to access Nessy is 'commonmint'.
  • Your child will then need to enter their username that they use for all our other online learning (usually their first name with three numbers).
  • Nessy automatically adjusts the level you are working at based on how you are progressing so it will be tailored to each child's individual needs.

18th March 2020

Bug Club:

  • We expect you to complete 30 minutes a day READING on Bug Club (not to include any time you update your avatar or reward games).
  • To access Bug Club you can google 'Bug Club' or click the link here.
  • Everyone's password is mendell.  You should know your username but if you are struggling to log in then please contact your teacher using Class Dojo or email
  • The school code you will need is gpbe.


TimesTables RockStars (TTRS):

  • We expect you to complete at least 10 games in 'garage' per day and at least one 'studio' game.
  • To access TTRS you can google 'Times Tables Rock Stars' or click the link here.
  • Everyone's password is mendell.  You should know your username but if you are struggling to log in then please contact your teacher using Class Dojo or email



  • To access Numbots you use the same login details as TTRS / Bug Club.
  • You need to visit or just click here.
  • You should play at least 15 minutes each day on Numbots.


Hit the Button:

  • This is a free website and needs no usernames or password
  • You should play at least 15 minutes each day on Hit the Button.
  • To access the website just click here.
  • Start on your number bonds and work through these levels:
    • Make 10
    • Make 20
    • Make 100 (tens)
    • Make 100
  • Aim to answer at least 20 questions correctly in the time you are given before you move to the next level.  

School closure expectations