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House Points

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Year 2

Wednesday 5th May 2021


Maths :

Fractions - find a quarter 

Video link:





PE - Games


How can I improve my control and accuracy when throwing and catching?


Video link:

27th April 2021




Working with wholes and parts

Video link:







Monday 4th January 2020


Maths - Multiplication and Division 

Make equal groups - sharing





Big Question 

Can you make a prediction about what our new book is about? 

Use the clues to help you ...



My example ....

I predict that there is a young boy who has a tiny, friendly pet dragon. Maybe the dragon will help the boy to make a giant, metal dragon machine because they want to fly to another land full of hundreds of dragons.


Friday 4th December 2020 


Maths - equal/unequal groups



Can you write sentences using adverbs to describe how owls fly?

E.G. The owl flew gracefully through the bright, blue sky. 




Phonics screening practise words 


Thursday 3rd December 2020


Maths - Make arrays


English - Guided reading. 

Above and Below by Hanak Clulow

Watch clip (1min 25) and re-read all about Mountain Caves. 

Can you answer the following questions based on what you have read?




What is a food chain?


Butterfly food chain - what do butterflies eat?


Use the pictures to draw a butterfly food chain, can you label the producer, consumer and predator?

Tuesday 1st December 2020 


Maths - End of unit check (money) 


Nativity rehearsal 

If your child has lines to say in the nativity - ensure they are practising them daily at home. 



Investigation: How far and how fast do snails travel?

Can you find any snails outside or in your garden?

use paint or nail varnish to carefully paint on their shells - one colour for each snail.

Where do you predict they will travel to? What conditions do snails like? 

Set the snails free and check tomorrow so see how far they have travelled!


Keeping skills

Can you use the number line method and the column method to work out these addition and subtraction number sentences?

Friday 27th November 



Multiplication and Division - Add equal groups


English - Guided Reading 


Science- Minibeasts 

Which is the odd one out? Write a sentence explaining your choice - there is no right or wrong answer as long 

as you can justify your choice!


Wednesday 25th September 2020 



Multiplication & Division - Making equal groups recap



Bug Club 20 minutes 



Keeping skills 

TTRS 10 games

Numbots - 15 minutes 

Tuesday 24th November 


Maths - Two step problems (money)





We have found some clues to our brand new text all about owls!

Can you record what you already know and what you would like to find out about owls?




Minibeast hunt!

We are starting a brand new science topic 'Wriggle and crawl'.

Can you go into an outdoor space and find any minibeasts? Draw and label what you find!

Friday 20th November 2020 



Find the total


English - Phonics 


Science Experiment 

How do germs spread?



Thursday 19th November 2020 


Maths- Compare money





Create your own Still Life display. Sketch and paint it, ensuring it looks as much like your display as possible. 


Wednesday 18th November 2020



Making equal amounts of money



Re-read the poem The Owl and the Pussycat 

Have a go at writing your own using your own 2 characters. Can you fill in the missing words?

Can you add your own nonsense words to the poem?


Anti-bullying activities

Watch the video - what do you now understand about bullying? Create a poster all about how you can stand up to bullying!

Tuesday 17th November 2020




English - Guided reading 

Create a glossary for 3 of the words below:



Art- Still Life 

1. Create a still life at home using everyday objects. How will you arrange them? Which colours do you want to include?

2. Sketch your still life and then colour/paint it to make it look as much like the original display as you can!



Monday 16th November 2020



Addition and subtraction end of unit quiz 



Re-read the nonsense poem The Owl and the Pussycat (copy further down the page).

Instead of the Owl and the pussycat can you think of 2 different animals and think of where they could be going?

See my WAGOLL for some inspiration!

Challenge - write full sentences using you ideas.


Keeping skills

Subtracting 2 2-digit numbers using the column method and place value understanding 



Friday 13th November 2020 



Money - Select money



Use a dictionary to find the meanings of the unfamiliar words from the poem 'The owl and the pussycat'. Can you match the word to the definition? Can you use any of the words in your own sentence?



TTRS - 10 games 

Bug Club - 15 minutes


Zoom call with Pudsey!


Thursday 12th November 2020 


Maths: Counting money - notes and coins 

Online lesson video :




Re-read the poem from beginning to end. 

Can you identify the following?

- noun phrases 

- unfamiliar words e.g. quince

-rhyming words 


Maths week activities:

TTRS - 15 minutes

Numbots - 15 minutes

Hit the button- 15 minutes 

Wednesday 11th November 2020 



Money - Count money - pence

1. Watch video of lesson

2.  Complete worksheet



New unit - poetry 

What is a poem? 

1. Read our brand new poem called 'The Owl and the Pussycat' 


2. Watch the video version of the poem- can you join in with it this time?

Discuss: What did you like about the poem? What did you dislike? Do you have any questions? Does the poem remind you of anything similar you have read before?


PE: Football 

Can you practise dribbling a football and passing to a partner? Can you remember the technique for dribbling? Practise with control. 


PSHE: Remembrance day 2020

Can you create your own poppy at home? Why do we wear poppies? What is special about today?



Wednesday 21st October 2020 




Watch the story Troll Swap from beginning to end.


Answer the following Big Questions:







Practise your dribbling and passing skills with a ball outside if possible. Create your own football activity for somebody else to play. Can you create instructions on how to play? Can you draw pictures to explain your game further?

Tuesday 20th October 202 


English - Guided Reading Lesson 

Task 1 - listen to the rest of the story 'The Troll' until the end.


Task 2 - complete the tell me grid.



LI: To subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number

Video link:



History - create a poster all about Rosa Parks as a significant activist. If you have access to a tablet or device, use the PicCollage app to create it!


Wednesday 30th September 2020 



Read Mae Jeminson's diary entry from her space mission. Can you find the key features of a diary entry? Write an example for each!


Maths- Related number facts




Football skills


Can you practise dribbling a ball around your garden/an outdoor space? How well can you control the ball using the inside of your foot? Can you count how many passes you can make to a partner without losing control of the ball?

Monday 28th September 2020




Watch clip of text 'Look Up!' and familiarise yourself with the ending of the story.


Today you are going to pretend to be Mae Jeminson on her mission to space. Watch the videos and describe what you could see/hear/smell and feel on your journey.


Challenge - Can you use your ideas to write full sentences? 



Addition and subtraction -Check calculations


Video link -

Tuesday 22nd September 




Practise segmenting and blending words. Decide if the word is real or alien!


English- Reading lesson 

Watch and listen to the story The Troll by Julia Donaldson. Stop at 3.05



End of unit check assessment 

Theme- History 


Research Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Create a fact file on each significant explorer. What makes them so significant?