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House Points

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  • Foundation 1
  • Foundation 2 100%
  • Year 1 97.5%
  • Year 2 99%
  • Year 3 91.98%
  • Year 4 99.58%
  • Year 5 91.43%
  • Year 6 97.98%


Week beginning 12.7.21

For this week there will be some activities added for any child who is self isolating at home. 


Thursday 15.7.21


At school we will be outdoors enjoying our sand and water play. If you are at home perhaps you could use a paddling pool, or just a tray or bowl with water in. Splash and play and have fun!

Is the water cold?


Can you write your name with the water and a brush?


Listen to the story of Grandma's Beach by Rosalind Beardshaw.




How did the little girl feel when she couldn't go to the real beach?

Draw a picture of the beach that Grandma made in her garden.

Ask a grownup to add a speech bubble and tell them what Grandma might be saying.







Wednesday 14.7.21


Have a look at Alphablocks, here is the link for an episode. 


Numberblocks will help your child to recap numbers whilst at home. Try out this fun game.


Creative activity

Can you make a model from any recycled materials at home? You can use whatever you have in your recycling, see if you have anything that you can use for wheels and make a vehicle of your choice.

Here are a couple of ideas.






Yesterday we read this story at school. A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler. If you don't have the story at home follow this link to listen. 


Follow up by drawing the little old lady's house with the animals inside. Talk with your grownup about what happened in the story.

Why did the little old lady think her house was crowded?

Why did she feel it wasn't when all the animals left?









Week beginning 5.7.21

Please follow our class activities during this week and post evidence on Tapestry. As we have two year groups within our class, make sure that you are following the correct activities.

The N2 children moving into F2 in Sept will have their activities in green.

The N1 children staying in Nursery in September will have their activities in purple.

The older children can obviously enjoy the younger children’s activities if you would like, although you may have completed them before.

N2’s – those children moving into F2 in Sept

Please try to do the activities below every day as we are really trying to prepare the children for F2 and have been working daily on these.

Name writing - Remember the correct letter formation for your child’s name and the correct pencil grip.

Robot blending – use any opportunity to use your robot arms to blend and segment words as we did with our home learning last week.

Reading a story – I know that most families enjoy a story together each day already.

Playing a game – any type of game is brilliant. We are just encouraging turn taking, waiting, perhaps coping with not always winning!

Here are the daily activities, we would have been working on transition activities with Mrs Eason at school so we would be thinking about memories from F1, seeing how much we have grown and learned and thinking ahead to starting in F2.




Watch this episode of alphablocks and recap it with an adult.

Practise some robot arms blending.



Listen to Mrs Eason’s story Say Goodbye, Say Hello by Cori Doerrfeld


You can listen and watch here.


Follow up by talking about what things you might be saying goodbye to as you leave F1 and what things you might be saying hello to as you move into F2.



Last counting rhyme for this week!

Use some crayons, the older the better and find some things to make rubbings from. You might go outside and make a rubbing of some natural objects. Remember to stay in your garden though as we are isolating.






Thursday 8th July


Watch this episode of Number blocks.




Listen to the story of A Story About Afiya by James Berry and Anna Cunha. Mrs Eason has recorded it for you and you can follow the link here.


What were Afiya’s special memories in the story? Use the pictures below to help you remember.




You are going to create a memory shirt similar to Afiya’s.

Have a look for some pictures that you can add to an outline of a t-shirt to show Mrs Eason the things that you like. The pictures could be from a magazine, comic, or from anywhere else.






Count along with today’s rhyme.



Complete some jigsaws together.















Wednesday 7th July


Have a look at today's Alphablocks.





Listen to the story of One Year With Kipper. Mrs Eason has recorded it for you and you can access it here.




As a follow up Mrs Eason would like you to talk about the story together.

 Next, see if you know what month your birthday is in?

What is the date of your birthday? What season is your birthday in?

See if you can remember it and tell us on Tapestry.

Mrs Eason is really enjoying seeing you on your Tapestry posts!



Sing along with this counting rhyme.



Make a fabulous bubble blower.







Tuesday 6th July



Listen to this episode of Numberblocks.    It links to the story of the Three Little Pigs.





Can you make a TV from a cereal box? Here's a couple of examples.


Think about what things you might do when you are in F2. it might be that you are looking forward to staying for lunch with all your friends, or just sharing learning with Mrs Eason. Make a picture to go inside your TV hat shows what you are looking forward to in September.



Today’s counting rhyme is here.





Can you play Balloon Keepy Uppy? This is great for fine and gross motor control and lots of fun!







Monday 5th July 2021



Watch this episode of Alphablocks. We will be covering some of the episodes this week to just keep phonics at the forefront of our minds.




Transition – Have a look back through your Tapestry learning journal and talk about the things that you remember from our F1 year.


Draw to represent your favourite memory of F1.


N1’s    Counting rhyme. Follow this link and count together.




Have a go at this fun mark making activity.








Week beginning 3.5.21 (3 day week)

This week we are continuing our project of Big Wide World and will be looking at animals from different habitats.

These are the skills and knowledge that we will be developing.

  • A globe is a 3-D model of the Earth.
  • Maps show 2-D images of places.
  • A habitat is the natural home or environment of a living thing. Habitats include oceans, woodlands, ponds and gardens.
  • Climates and environments are different, depending on their location on Earth.

Key vocabulary: habitat, environment, mountain, ocean, forest, grassland, rainforest, desert, river, lake, sea, island


Look at these animals from around the world. Can you name them? Why is one of them white? Can you find out which country they would live in.


Have a go at drawing them, try to use the correct colours.


Look at a map of the world, you can google one. Can you find the country that we live in? Do you know which part is the land and which is the country on the map. Remember that we talked about this at school last week.

If you have a globe, have a look at it and find our country on it. 

Talk about the difference between a map and a globe.




Look on the Memos section of your Tapestry for this weeks phonics blending and segmenting activities or click here.  t-l-5643-phase-1-aspect-7-oral-blending-and-segmenting-home-learning-challenges

Use your robot arms to 'sound talk' the activities.


Listen to some of these counting songs each day and sing along.








Week beginning 30.11.20

This week at school in F1 we are starting our Christmas preparations. Please complete as many of these activities as possible and post the evidence on Tapestry.

Scissor skills

Cut out some pictures from some Christmas catalogues and stick them onto a cut out of a stocking. Talk about what you have chosen to add and why.



Fine Motor Skills

 Have fun with Dough Disco! 

To strengthen muscles for writing, use the following links to complete a 'Dough Disco' activity.

 If you do not have play dough at home, you can make play dough using the following recipe:




Listen to the story of Little Owl and the Star by Mary Murphy.


Complete these follow up activities throughout the week.

  • Draw a picture showing what the story is about. An adult could write a sentence for you.
  • Link the story to our learning around our Nativity story that we are working on at school, talk about the main characters; Baby Jesus, Wise Men, Shepherds, Mary and Joseph.
  • Retell the story of Little Owl and the Star with an adult. What can you remember?
  • Draw your character in our Nativity play. What are you going to wear?



Following on from our learning around repeating patterns, please make some repeating patterns using Christmas objects. You could use baubles and stars and make a pattern that is bauble, star, bauble, star. What would come next in the pattern?

Follow a Numberblocks episode

Watch an episode each day starting at the beginning of Series 1. Follow each episode up by consolidation with real objects, counting objects by touching each object and saying the number.



Please visit the phonics play website and enjoy any of the Phase 1 activities.


Remember to post all your evidence on Tapestry.










Thursday 26.11.20 and Friday 27.11.20

Here are some activities that will help your child to keep up with our class.

Fine Motor Skills

Practise scissor skills with this activity.




Use resources that you have at home to complete  pattern activities.

Make a repeating pattern using 2 different objects - for example - book, pen, book, pen, book, pen.

Use lots of different resources to make a range of patterns.






Sing a nursery rhyme with your family. Follow the link here.


Please record all your learning on Tapestry.








Week beginning 16.11.20

During the week please complete these activities. Please post evidence on Tapestry and complete the Home Learning activity which will be in the Memo's section of Tapestry and is posted each Friday. 

Our learning this week is centred around a poem titled 'Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?' and Shape.


Literacy - Read the poem with an adult and complete the activities. We will be learning and reciting the poem at school so have a go at learning it at home.   

Talk about the rhyming words, what the poem is about, the question and the use of a question mark. Can you find any question marks in any of your books at home?

Draw a picture about the poem, an adult can write a sentence on your picture to show what you said about the poem.

See if you can remember the poem and share it with your family each day. When you have learned it record it for Tapestry.



We are beginning to learn about 2D shapes this week. Please listen to the story Bear in a Square by Stella Blackstone, follow the link here -

During the week, look for shapes at home, can you name them? How many different shapes can you find?

Find a cereal box and see how many shapes you can find on it.

Can you sort things at home into sets of different shapes?


Fine and Gross Motor

Have fun with Dough Disco! 

To strengthen muscles for writing, use the following links to complete a 'Dough Disco' activity.

 If you do not have play dough at home, you can make play dough using the following recipe:



Please visit the phonics play website and work on any of the Phase 1 activities.


Record all your learning on Tapestry. 





Week beginning 9.11.20 - Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th , Friday 13th November

During the week please complete these activities. Please post evidence on Tapestry and complete the Home Learning activity which will be in the Memo's section of Tapestry and is posted each Friday. 


This week we have been learning about Diwali and have made Diva lamps. Follow the link to the story of Diwali.

Draw a picture about the story and ask an adult to label it.

You can make a diva lamp with salt dough. Use the below dough recipe and add extra salt. then you can dry it out in the oven on a low temperature.

Fine Motor Skills

To strengthen muscles for writing, use the following links to complete a 'Dough Disco' activity.

 If you do not have play dough at home, you can make play dough using the following recipe:


Please visit the phonics play website and work on any of the Phase 1 activities.


Visit and watch Series 1 Episode 1, 2 and 3. Please just watch one episode each day.

Follow up with finding items around your home and recapping each episode.

Children in Need

On Friday we will be thinking about children who are not as lucky as us. 

Watch the powerpoint here.

Can you make some Pudsey ears?



Week beginning 19.10.20 - Tuesday to Thursday (Inset day on Friday)

During the week please complete these activities.

 Fine Motor skills.

Each day use a pair of children's scissors to practise cutting. We have been working on this in school. Cut around the edge of a piece of paper, making snips. Pick up some leaves and cut them up into pieces and cut around some pictures in a magazine.

Post a photo on Tapestry.


Our Literacy story for this week is In My Heart by Jo Witek. Follow the link to listen to it here.

1. When you have listened to it, draw a picture of how your heart feels. An adult can write a sentence on your picture to explain what you have drawn.

2. Ask an adult to cut out an outline of a heart for you and use a range of collage resources to decorate it.

3. Play a game with your teddies - how are they feeling and why? 


In Maths this week we have been looking at different sized objects. 

1. Go around your house and find two items that are different sizes - perhaps tall and short, big and small, wide and narrow etc. talk with an adult about the items using the vocabulary of size.

2. Draw around your hand on a piece of paper. Find a bigger hand in your family and draw around that too. Compare the difference in sizes and talk about it.

3. Sing or say a counting rhyme - follow the link here for Five Little Ducks.


Please show me how you are getting on by loading photos of the activities on Tapestry.











Week beginning 28.9.20        Scroll down for each day's activity

Hello everybody, we are so disappointed that we can’t be at school this week but here are some activities for you to join in with each day. If you are already on our Mendell Tapestry, please upload photos of what you have been doing onto your child’s journal and if not yet you could perhaps take a few photos to upload when you are on our Tapestry.

Please note – Mendell Tapestry is separate from Piglets/Sky Club Tapestry.

In addition to our daily activity, here are some counting rhymes and sound listening games that you can share with your child throughout the week. Choose one rhyme and one listening game to enjoy.

Here are the counting rhymes.

These are listening games.  Access to this website is currently free, you will need to use these login details.  User name - march20       Password – home


Friday 2 October

To finish our activities for the week you might like to play Kim’s Game. How many items can you remember?



Thursday 1 October

 As it looks like it is a lovely dry day today, go outside with some water and brushes and see what marks you can make. Put your wellies on and have lots of fun!

Can you paint your paving stones or a wall? Perhaps you can paint a fence if you have one. Can you see the difference between the dry and wet areas?




Wednesday 30 September

If you have some paper towel at home you might enjoy this activity, watch and see what happens! Can you talk about what you have seen?



Tuesday 29 September 2020

Today you might need to look in Mum or Dad’s coin purse. Have a go at the activity below, you could extend it by making marks on a big piece of paper to see who can roll the coins the furthest. If you are finding that coins are too tricky, have a go with other circular items, for example sellotape or container lids. Have a competition with your child.







Monday 28th September 2020

Can you make a Natural Bubble Wand or a Bubble Blower?

Follow the instructions below and see if you can blow lots of different sized bubbles. Have fun!