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Mendell Primary School

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House Points

House Points

  • Mcgregor 12,160
  • Beckham 14,370
  • Deeley 16,000
  • Bunton 20,100


  • Foundation 1 96.2%
  • Foundation 2 100%
  • Year 1 95.8%
  • Year 2 98.3%
  • Year 3 97.2%
  • Year 4 96.4%
  • Year 5 96.2%
  • Year 6 100%


At Mendell much of our music learning is supported by the Charanga Musical School, recommended by Wirral County Music.  This online music scheme, covers a range of styles and genres and musically draws together listening/appraising, composing/improvising and performing skills in singing and instrument through lower and onto upper Key Stage 2.


Children learn about the inter-related dimensions of pitch, tempo, dynamics, duration, timbre and texture, and how these are used in musical structures to create a musical picture, mood or effect. Through Charanga we have access to a huge range of music from different countries and times, giving our children a good introduction to the History of Music from the Medieval era to today.


In addition, each child in Year 4 learns a musical instrument as part of a whole class ensemble, as well as having opportunities to improve their existing individual music skills.